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Should We Stay or Should We Go Now?

Well after all the cleaning and packing, it is finally settled…we are staying put. We’ve decided not to move. Killer (as we not so affectionately called the Rottweiler that moved in next door) has died of natural causes!  Our confirmation that we should stay where we are. Praise God!

Once again, we have a backyard that is safe for the little hobbits to scamper about. And how we’ve been busy back there planting roses and day  lilies, tucking into the ground sunflower seeds that by the end of the summer will reach 15 feet high with morning glories dressing them in their fairy skirts, building a raised cedar bed for an organic vegetable garden and ripping out grass for a beautiful meadow area that will be full of Colorado wildflowers.

It’s great to be home (again)!


The Vino has Arrived!

Fed Ex, rang and ran, leaving the BOGO 2003 Rosso from Puglia Italy on the porch. I’ve been eagerly anticipating it’s arrival as my 4Reallearning friends & I gear up for a virtual wine tasting. BOGO stands for buy one, give one which is so appropriate for a company that donates $2 for every 9L case sold, to adult stem cell research. (For clarification: The Catholic Church supports adult stem cell research and only opposes research that is immoral such as embryo research where the embryo is intentionally destroyed. Visit here for more information regarding bioethics.)

 The other wine we are tasting (per my suggestion as I already had it in the fridge) is a Aquinas Napa Valley 2005 Chardonnay which was named for St. Thomas Aquinas, a revolutionary scholar in the 13th century who used the laws of science to support his belief in the Almighty.

To educate myself on wine I’ve been using these resources from the library: Introduction to Wine Tasting with Bob Betz, Master of Wine and Jancis Robinson’s Wine Course. I enjoyed both of these and in turn have come to enjoy the intricacies of wine as well! I highly recommend both resources.

The Denver 4Reallearner’s will be gathering together for the tasting and I will post our review here on House of Grace for everyone to enjoy. Cheers!

It’s sucking me in!

Well, now we’ve done it. We’ve officially entered into Blogdom! Agghh! It’s sucking me in. Please somebody save me or I may never return!  For real…It’s going to take a lot of will power not to get carried away with this!

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June 21-23, 2007

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